The Food & Wine Pairing Experiences

Explore the greek cuisine along with the perfect wine

Food & Wine pairing experiences guided by a Sommelier

Private food & wine experience guided by a Sommelier

We have designed a food and winepairing menu aiming to your utter delight. Original Greek and Rhodian flavors paint a clear image of the gastronomic orientation to  new era. The dishes are paired with 6 exceptional wines from the Greek vinery, which perfectly outline the contemporary Greek wine scene. Our tasting menu showcases the importance of harmoniously pairing food and wine and with the guidance of our expert Sommelier we offer a complete culinary experience.

What To Expect

Wine and food tasting will include: tasting of five (5) courses and one (1) dessert – all of these dishes will be harmoniously paired with a 75ml glass of wine. This culinary journey will take place under the guidance of an experienced wine-expert/sommelier who will offer all relevant information about the dishes as well as the chosen wines.

The menu includes:

Welcome (Amuse bouche) – Wine 1

Salad – wine 2

Appetizer – Wine 3

Light Appetizer – Wine 4

Main course – Wine 5

Dessert – Wine 6 (Dessert Wine)

*Our menu dishes vary depending on seasonality as well as the availability of ingredients, which are mainly Greek.  

Duration: 120 min (Approx.)

Seafood & wine experience guided by
a Sommelier

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Duration: 120 min (Approx.)